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Promoting Your Brand through Exhibition stands

Posted on 24 September 2013 by Flavio Longato

If you’re trying to advertise your brand at different trade shows with hundreds of other businesses, then you’ll need a custom exhibition display stand to catch the attention of the thousands of attendees. Display material highlights business logo, as well as your Call to Action (CTA) plan so attendees are well informed and have potential to become business leads.

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Types of Exhibition stands

In the past, I have directed some of my clients to various pop-up displays and exhibition stands and portable displays. These exhibit displays feature vivid colourful designs that are easy to transport and set up at outdoor trade shows.

Standroid Display

If you’re using a flat screen monitor or television to feature interactive presentations or videos, then consider this type of exhibition stand. It can support flat screen monitors as large as 52 inches, and all you need to do is specify the size so it can be built to your specifications. Your attendees will never see the hook-up wires, as coordinating black fabric covers them.

The fabric around the display case can feature your business logo so it catches people’s attention. In addition, it features a sturdy aluminum frame and four posts for you to set it up, as well as a carrying case that transforms into a counter table.

Satellite Modular System

The Satellite is a modular exhibition stand design, meaning that you can adapt it to best meet your needs. The display begins at three metres and expands all the way to six metres. It features a number of fun accessories, including round display shelves, catalogue holders, and brackets to hold up to a 21 inch LCD television.

The pieces can be interlocked together with a torx key, and the professional graphics were printed on woven polyester and slide right into the vertical slits. This exhibition stand will wow attendees and grab their attention.

Image by Blue Mountains Library vie Flickr

Exhibition stand Combo Packages

Sometimes it’s more beneficial to combine a few promotional products to advertise your brand then just using one exhibition stand. Combining the Waveline Counter and the Waveline Pop Up provides a professional look that will attract attendees. The Waveline Pop Up has become popular because you can set it up in less than 15 minutes as all you need to do is connect the parts that have the same code. Your logo or other graphics are on durable fabric and the frame is made of aluminum tubing. The counter adds to the appeal because now you have a centre area to present from.

In addition, many combo packages include retractable banner stands, as they can endure hundreds of trade shows. They’re high quality and affordable and the banner stays steady for hours, thanks to its sturdy base.

Incorporating Your Brand into Your Outdoor Event

To plan a successful trade show, you’ll want to start thinking about it several months in advance, as you’ll need to define the best strategy for getting your brand out and generating new leads. Begin your planning by setting some realistic goals, such as an increase of followers on your Social Media platforms or more Email subscribers. These could potentially turn into leads and customer sales.

Once you have your goals set, focus on your Call to Action (CTA) and incorporate it into your strategy and your advertising, including your exhibition stand, presentation, brochures, and online website. Your CTA will not only attract attendees but urge them to further look into your brand by subscribing to your blog or requesting more information.

Beyond that, use your CTA and your business logo to design a creative exhibition display stand so that yours stands out above your competitors. Try to do something different than the traditional booth, but make it true to your brand, such as setting up an interactive activity area. Consider ordering shirts with your logo on it and dressing in those instead of business wear, as you’ll for sure start some conversations.

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Daniel Evans has been interested in art since his geeky high school days when he was the school photographer and started collecting art. Nowadays, he has worked on numerous Marketing projects such as conceptualizing exhibition stands for trade show marketing, organizing effective marketing campaigns, and so on. He is also an expert in Digital Art, Concepts, and Innovations. As he enjoys both reading and collecting art, he believes that a picture can truly impact the audience.

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  1. Jenny Williams Says:

    Exhibition stands are proven to be effective. but, during tradeshows we only remember a few. Catching the attention and connecting to the audience is vital in marketing, usually this is the biggest challenge.

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